Below are the 2017 Hampton Roads Pride Scholarship Recipients. We are proud of all of our applicants and wish them all the best as they pursue their dreams.

Andrew Farias

Headed to: Carleton College

“Having been born and raised in a conservative Texas household, I always felt smothered by the inability to be myself in the public and private sphere. As a child, I knew I was different and dreamed of one day embracing my true self in the company of those who understood where I was coming from. It was the newfound freedom that came with leaving my family that enabled me to welcome change as I pursue a higher education. I look forward to majoring in environmental studies at Carleton College in the coming fall and hope to utilize my past experiences to ensure a better future for generations yet to come.

“I greatly appreciate the opportunity to apply for the Hampton Roads Pride Scholarship and the award that came with being named a scholarship recipient. As a first generation college student, this scholarship will allow me to continue my pursuit of a college degree despite the monetary obstacles that stand in my way. I look forward to my next four years in college and I have the scholarship donors and committee to thank for helping me achieve my goals. Thank you for going out of your way to ensure that LGBT students like me across the United States have access to a college education.”

Madison Finke

Headed to: University of Hartford

“Thank you Hampton Roads Pride for this great scholarship which I will use to pursue a Bachelors of Music degree in Vocal Performance with an emphasis on Opera Singing. I want to thank the LGBTQ community and their supporters throughout Hampton Roads for their loving support, especially with the Girl Scout Gold Award project that helped high school students start and support Gay Straight Alliances, as well as create the first regional Gay Straight prom. I promise to always be a vocal and supportive advocate.”

Lance Irons

Headed to: Eastern Virginia Medical School

“I want to thank Hampton Roads Pride and the sponsors of this scholarship for this award. I am truly inspired by the commitment that Hampton Roads Pride and their sponsors have for the LGBT community to not only facilitate community events but to also help provide financial aid for students like myself. This scholarship provides an opportunity for me to chip away at my debt burden going through school. After my physician training is completed and with a smaller burden of student loans, I will have greater flexibility to give of my time and talents to make my community a better place. Thank you once again for this honor and recognition.”

Erin O’Malley

Headed to: University of Rochester

“I am so incredibly honored and thankful to have received the Hampton Roads Scholarship. By volunteering with my local Gay-Straight Alliance and writing about my experiences, I’ve worked to enhance the LGBTQ community, and I can’t wait to further my studies with the help of the scholarship at the University of Rochester this fall and continue serve as a community leader.”